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What is a Research Community and How it Works


  • A way to stay in touch with your target consumers

Community always means a two-way exchange of information. You provide the marketing activities and get the feedback from your customers.


  • A chance to study the required audience only

Careful selection of participants throughout online panels, relevant websites and message boards during other research or from your clients database provides additional data and gives greater insight into consumers mindset.


  • A confidential resource

Research communities are generally closed and have limited access. It means that discussion subject is not disclosed for outsiders, particularly competitors, helping to guard your marketing strategies.


  • A variety of the duration

A project may last a month as well as a year. The number of participants depends on the community duration and specific factors. Frequency of visits depends on the density of communication.


  • A variety of the research tasks

Both qualitative and quantitative research can be carried out within the community. Besides, during the project participants may share photos and videos, fulfill moderator’s tasks, etc.


  • One-time or continious activities

The community may include both one-time activities (such as quick polls, draw games) and continuous ones (product improvement ideas share section, standing discussion boards).




We organize the following types of communities:

  • Tactical (up to 3 weeks) – to solve specific research tasks
  • Communication (1-3 months) – to improve the interaction between consumers and brands
  • Strategic (3-12 months) – to develop the growth strategy in cooperation with the customers
  • Permanent (no time limit) – to stay in touch with customers constantly and engage them into the company’s development



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