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Social Media Analysis

Today’s social media content is created by consumers. It means less control and manageability in comparison with traditional mass media. Numerous brands are exposed to the millions of consumers' scrutiny every day. 

On the other hand, Internet is a place to find the most loyal customers and deliver your message directly to their heads.


Our services help you to:

  • find out what people think and say about your company (brand, goods) in social media.
  • catch the information for marketing strategy development or specific marketing tasks solution.

Learn more about our social media analysis techniques.



Online Qualitative research

It is frequently needed to find out what people think about your products, specialities, advertising, brand name and logo, package or marketing campaigns. Internet technologies advance the traditional qualitative marketing research with the new opportunities and options. 

Learn more about our social media analysis techniques.



Market Research Online Communities (MROCs)

Having a standing contact with consumers is no doubt an advantage to enjoy, providing that crucial questions are asked at any moment, prompt feedback is received and audience opinion changes are always tracked. We make it possible using MROCs!

Learn more about MROCs.



Mobile Reserach

Would you like to get an instant response from your consumer and view the world from his/her perspective? It is possible when using Mobile Research.

Learn more about our mobile research.




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